Medical Weight Management

Kayla Glanz, PA-C is a dedicated and caring medical professional with all the right tools and knowledge to help you succeed. Kayla has extensive background and education in nutrition and is an active member of the Obesity Medicine Association. We have confidence that by teaming with us you will be taking the first step of your journey to achieving greater health and wellness. 



What can I expect at my first appointment?

At your first visit with Kayla, we will have you stand on our InBody 570 scale to get a baseline analysis of where you are at. The scale calculates skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, and even an analysis of your limbs. This is an excellent tool to see how we can specialize your weight management journey and track your progress. After this, Kayla will discuss how your unique lifestyle plays a role in weight loss, then devise a plan specific to your needs to maximize your results. Because of this, all patients will have an individualized plan created for their success. 


What happens after my first appointment?

After your first appointment, we will have you follow up at our clinic every 30 days for three months. At this time, Kayla will discuss your progress with you and discuss the route you will take. At each follow-up visit, we will have you weigh-in on our InBody scale to see if there is anything we need to adjust depending on your results. Your follow-up appointments are intended to keep you motivated, on-track with the program, and to celebrate your success!


Our promise to you:

It is our promise to see you as an individual, recognize your risks, and help you to overcome and/or prevent the chronic conditions associated with being overweight/obese. We promise from the moment you enter our facility you will be cared for, treated with respect, and in a zone free of judgement. 

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