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Kayla Glanz, PA-C is now accepting new patients of all ages. Kayla is a board-certified Physician Assistant with a strong desire to give our patients the best care possible. She has been practicing with the 7-Day Clinic for almost two years as an urgent care provider - primarily at the Osgood location. Throughout her time as a medical professional, she has gained the trust of her patients and coworkers to provide utmost quality care.


Kayla is now accepting men and women with the following health needs/issues:

  • Primary Care 
  • Preventative Care
  • Medical Weight Management
  • Acne Management
  • Aesthetic Therapies


What do patients need to know?


Kayla welcomes the opportunity to come to know you and your family through the offering of her services. Kayla is a committed and caring medical professional who is dedicated to your health. Whether you are looking to address a lifelong issue, have concerns about a new health issue, or just need someone to listen, please consider Kayla to provide your health care needs. Know and trust that she will be in your corner as a quality provider for any questions or concerns you may have.


What can you expect?


It is well-supported that preventative medicine can play a major role in one's health. Kayla will discuss all of your options, risks, and benefits. She will discuss diet and lifestyle changes, as well as medical treatment options for your preventative care. Kayla treats her patients as if they were her own family, serving them in a manner she would want to be served herself. She will provide an analytical approach, combined with respect of spirtuality and a strong emphasis on prevention of chronic conditions. 

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